Onega lake is freezing!
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TOKE-2018 - from 06.03 to 10.03 - Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lake Onego

Onega lake is freezing!

Onega lake is freezing, but the list of TOKE participants is getting hotter. Almost 40 riders are there already, including reigning world champions, the team “Severyane” (The "Northerners") Eduard Radaev (Zapolyarny) and Maxim Ignatov (Murmansk). Not giving them to relax on the course a lot of other strong Russian and foreign athletes.


I want to emphasize a unique team from town of Zapolyarny composed of: Eugene Naumets and Alexander Pineshko. These are people who were not broke down under the blows of fate, overcome the consequences of misery what happened to them. Alexander Pineshko continues active sports life, engaged in yachting and kiteing, despite the loss of his arm ! Eugene Naumets was able to recover from serious injuries after falling with a paraglider. We'll be your fans guys !!!


Ahoy, riders who are not weak to fight with these iron men, apply for TOKE 2017 !

Registration is in full swing! Missing partner ? Please contact the organizers. We will help you to find each other, taking into account your abilities.


The list of teams can be found on the websites TOKE and SNOWKITERUSSIA, which are also supplemented by interesting record of participants of previous years. Open the site, click on the top menu "History", select the tab "reports of the participants' and dive into the race feelings and experiences of the participants. You will not regret !



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