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TOKE-2019 - from 04.03 to 09.03 - Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lake Onego

Race Manual-2018

"Trans-Onego Kite Enduro 2018",
the WISSA World Championships in snowkiting
at the long distance.


Place and date : Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, March 7-09, 2018.
Route : Petrozavodsk-Kizhi-Medvezhyegorsk.
Start: March 7, 2018 at 10.00 from the central embankment of Petrozavodsk.


The venue of the competition is the area of Lake Onega.


The planned total length of the route : 225 kilometers (on the shortest lines between the waypoints and check points by the ice surface ).


Time :
Start - 10:00 on 07/03/2017,
Sailing window closes at 18:00 on 09/03/2017


The team Captain is responsible for the team's compliance with this instruction.


The Captain is obliged not to allow a divergence of the team members from the limits of visibility of each other. Otherwise, the team is disqualified at any stage of the race.


Participants of each team have the right to replace any equipment during the race, provided that they transport it by themselves. Participants must independently transport all their equipment during the entire race. Not allowed to leave even part of the property.


You can move with a kite, ski-tour, skiing, on foot at any time at the discretion of the participants, except for the period of the day from 22:00 to 06:00.
During this period, participants must install tents for recreation.


Reports. Teams must send:
- Your coordinates to the Race Master (+7 921 726 24 08 ) by SMS message during the race daily at the time of stopping for the night (no later than 22:00);
- Message about the beginning of movement: at the moment of the beginning of movement after spending the night (not earlier than 6:00).
Otherwise, the team may be disqualified at any stage of the race.


In other respects, the Rules of Sailing Races are applied.


To the start are allowed only the teams that have passed the registration and have the standard armband numbers from the organizers of the Trans-Onego. Organizers do not track outside citizens who are on the route of the race.


Race schedule:
07 March 2018 (Wed) The embankment of Onego Lake in Petrozavodsk, near the Onego-Palace Hotel
- 08.00 - Opening of the launch complex. Before going to the ice, at the point indicated by the Race Master every team in its entirety should be registered on the information board by the representative of the organizing committee and be photographed by him.
Start - common.
Passage of the starting line by tack, indicated by the Race Master before the start.


The starting gate is open for 30 minutes. After this time, the team that has not crossed the starting gate, is considered not started and withdrawn from the competition.
If the team, for some reason did not start within 30 minutes after the start, the captain must register the exit of the team from the race by reporting to the Race Master and a mark on the information board.
Started teams have the right to use only those gear that they transport themselves, including for camping. During the competition, it is not allowed to use the premises, except for shelters equipped at checkpoints. This condition is removed when the team leaves the competition and in the event of an emergency situation that entails withdrawal from the competition.
- 10.00 - the starting gate is open,
- 10.30 - the starting gate is closed.
- 11.00 - The starting complex is closed.
In case the team did not start in the race, it must also register an exit from the race at the same registration point until 11.00. If this requirement is not met, the team will be disqualified for participation in the "Trans-Onego" for the following years.


07 March 2018 (Wed) - 22.00 - Stopping the race for overnight.


08 March 2018 (Thu) - 06.00 - Continuation of the race
08 March 2018 (Thu) - 22.00 - Stopping the race for overnight stay

09 March 2018 (Fri) - 06.00 - continuation of the race
09 March 2018 (Fri) - 18.00 – Sailing window closed, control time of the race, fixing the location and collecting non-finishing teams at the points for delivery to the finish point.


Fixing the arrival time on the CP - on passing the Checkpoint gates by the second participant.


Teams that do not meet the deadline time for the CP, remain on the CP and follow the instructions of the commander. The offset goes according to the time of arrival at the checkpoint.


At the serviced checkpoints - compulsory rest at least 30 minutes (except KP-2) and recharging mobile devices (phone, GPS, etc.).


If the team quit the race, but retains the ability to move - it must proceed to the nearest CP and follow the orders of the commander.


The finish time is the last member’s of the team arrival to Checkpoint.


The offset of the final results is:
- time to reach the finish line;
- time of arrival to the serviced checkpoint before the Sailing window closed : 18.00 - 09.03.2018 (Fri).
For example :
The team came to "KP-3 Peschanoe" at 12.29 on 09/03. She has the right to sail from "KP-3 Peschanoe" at 12.59 09/03.
If this team came to the next "KP-4 Pyalma" on 18.01 09/3, then the result is considered on arrival at "KP-3 Peschanoe".


The Data is controlled by the judges board on the basis of information from the judges on the CP, the final protocols and, if necessary, the data from the GPS devices of the participants and from the tracking system.


Weather restrictions.
The race is held regardless of the strength of the wind or its complete absence. In case of no wind the start will be opened anyway. The teams make their own decisions about skiing, or walking. In the exceptional case, with wind force exceeding 25 m / s, if there is a threat to the safety of the participants, the start of the race can be either postponed or the race can be stopped by the Race Master with mandatory notification of all participants by mobile phones and instructions for further action.
Participants must confirm receipt of instructions via SMS messages to the Race Master.


Actions in emergency situations.
In the event of an emergency (including the loss of a member of the team), the team members immediately report to the Race Master by voice and SMS, indicating their location (geographical coordinates (in WGS 84 format): latitude and longitude, or, when the failure of the GPS, on notable landmarks or the most accurate location by the reckoning). Then the participants act according to the instructions of the Race Master. When the circumstances change, the location, the resumption of the movement, the participants again produce a report to the head of the race.


Outside the cellular coverage area, participants need to move by the ROUTE at the shortest distance between two adjacent CPs, before entering the coverage area, after which, if necessary, or having missed calls, contact the Race Master.


In the event of an emergency, each participant has the right to request the pick up and transportation of the team to the nearest Check point, or to the finish. All participants and their equipment should be ready to be transported in tow by a snowmobile.


Conflicts within the team must be resolved between the members of one team independently, without involving the protest committee, or the organizers. The maximum limit of the powers of the protest committee and the organizers is the disqualification of the team, without the return of the entry fee.
If there is a conflict situation within the team, the team can be separated only after coming to the serviced checkpoint themselves or using. In all other cases, in case of deliberate division of the team on the initiative of one or both participants, or other actions or inaction of the team members, which have endangered the life, health or property of the participants or third parties, the victims have the right to apply to the police or to judicial bodies to identify the guilty party and prosecute. Organizers are not responsible for the acts or omissions of the participants.


Protests must be submitted to the Protest Committee in writing not later than 23.00 on 09.03.2017 through a box for protests on the information stand.


Coordinates of Checkpoints, Waypoints, distances, C/P deadlines, important remarks (dounload)

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