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Race Manual-2017

The competition venue - frozen Lake Onego (NW Russia). Start and finish: town of Petrozavodsk.

The planned total length of distance: 250 kilometers.

Time: Start - 02.03.2017 10:00, closing at - 18:00 04.03.2017

The captain of the team is responsible for fulfillment of this race manual by the team.

Captain is responsible fort the divergence of the team members of the sight of each other. Otherwise, the command is disqualified for any stage of the race .

Members of each team shall have the right to replace any equipment in the course of the race, provided that they transport it themselves. All equipment must be carried by participants all the time while the team is on the race. It is not allowed to leave any part of equipment for taking it on the back way.

Movement allowed by kite, ski tour, skiing, hiking at any time at the discretion of the participants, except the period of the day from 22:00 to 06:00. During this period, participants must set up tents to stay.

Teams are required to send their coordinates to the racemaster by sms during a race at every stop for the night (not later than 22:00) and at the beginning of the movement after spending the night (not earlier than 6:00). Otherwise, the team can be disqualified at any stage of the race.

Start - common. Passage of the starting alignment side, by the tack specified be the racemaster before the start.

Start is open for 30 minutes. After this time, a team that has not crossed the starting line, is considered as not started and withdrawn from the competition. Kicked off team have the right to accept only those equipment which they carry on their own. During the competition is not allowed to use the premises, with the exception of shelters equipped at checkpoints. This condition is cleared when the output of the team from the competition and upon the occurrence of an emergency situation, which entails the exit from the competition .

Passage of control points - not more than 50 m from the mark points on the ground or the target pixel .

Served at checkpoints - mandatory rest at least 30 minutes for meals and charging of mobile devices (phones, GPS, etc.).

Test time of the finish - on the last team member.

In the credit of the final results is:
- The time to reach the finish line;
- The distance to the finish line in straight lines, plotted between the points of the teams' location :
a). at the time the team quits the race or
b). on the sailing window deadline
and the following control points, starting from the nearest on the route .

All teams are required to report on the course its location on the 04.03.2017 at 18:00 for set-off.

These are controlled by a panel of judges on the basis of finishing protocols and, if necessary, data from GPS devices of the participants.

Weather limitations.
The race is held regardless of the strength of the wind, or a complete absence. In the case of the calm start is still open. Teams independently decide on the movement of a ski tour, skiing, hiking .
In exceptional cases, when the wind speed over 25 m/s, with the existence of threats to the safety of participants, the race may be either postponed or race may be discontinued by the racemaster with mandatory notification of all members by the mobile phone and the instructions on how to proceed .
Participants must acknowledge receipt of instructions via SMS messages to the racemaster.

Actions in emergency situations.
In the event of an emergency (including loss of sight of the members of the team), team members produce the report to the racemaster by the cell phone voice and SMS, specifying its location (geographic coordinates (WGS 84 format): latitude and longitude, or when leaving down GPS, for the most noticeable landmarks or exact location by dead reckoning). Next, the participants act according to the instructions superior race. When circumstances change, location, resumption of traffic participants re-produce the report of the racemaster.

Being in emergency outside cell phone coverage area participants must move by the general course or as close to it as possible forward or backward in their option depending on what direction is closer to the cell phone coverage area on reaching which they must immediately make report to the racemaster.

Each Party shall have the right to ask for the evacuation and transportation to the nearest command or control point to the finish line at any time in the event of an emergency. All members and their equipment should be ready for transportation in tow behind a snowmobile.

All conflicts inside same team must be solved within the team between members of the team on their own, without the involvement of the protest committee or the organizers. The maximum limit of the powers of the protest committee and the organizers - the disqualification of the team, with no refund of the entry fee.

When a conflict arises within the team, the team must not be separated before coming to a manned checkpoint, or until the completion of the pick up and delivery to the race office. In all other cases, in the case of deliberate split of the team at the initiative of one or both parties, or other acts or omissions of the team members, entailing a threat to life, health or property of the participants or third parties, victims have the right to contact the police or in court authorities to determine the guilty party and to prosecute. Organizers are not responsible for the actions or omissions of the participants.


Chairman of the protest committee - Vyacheslav Rymashevskiy. Protest committee consist of 5 members, Including the Chairman.
The Chairman, Race Master and representative of Organizers are making open selection of members of the protest committee by lot from among the race participants.
Protests are submitted in writing directly to the Chairman of the protest committee or, in his absence, via mailbox for protests.
Mailbox for protests will be located in a prominent place in the hall Callisto of the hotel Onego Palace.
Location of the box will be shown to all participants upon registration.
The deadline for application of the protests is 07.00 - 05.03.2017
All protests must be considered and decided before the award ceremony, that is, until 05/03/2017 09.30.
The protest must be specified with :
The place of occurance (the most precise coordinates), the time, violation, who broke, the witnesses, an indication of the available evidence - photos, videos and so on.
The protest committee have the right to make surveys of all participants of the race, judges, inspectors, witnesses and request data from GPS devices of participants, photos and videos.
The decision on the protests is subject to the Race Manuals, the sailing instructions and rules. The decision to accept or reject the protest is making by the protest committee (5 persons, incl. Chairman) by simple majority vote.
The applicant shall be advised immediately after the decision with the imposition of a written resolution to the protest.
According to the results the Protest Committee decides on sanctions to violators, depending on the essence of the claim : disqualification, or lower place of the offender in the finish protocol. The decision shall be communicated to all participants at summarizing and published on the information resources of the competition.

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