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TOKE-2019 - from 04.03 to 09.03 - Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lake Onego

Statement of the Race-2019



Statement of the
eigths international long-distance snow kite race "Trans-Onego 2019".


Venue - Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lake Onega.

Dates: 04.03.2019 - 09.03.2019.



Goals and objectives:
- Promotion and development of the snow kiting;
- Competition, improving skills and the exchange of experiences of participants;
- promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Implementation of events for the organization of competitions is assigned to the organizing committee "Trans-Onego".


Chairman of the organizing committee: Deputy Minister for Youth, Physical Education and Sports Antipov Maxim Leonidovich.


Conducting organizations:
KROO "Kondopoga Yacht Club"
Mikhail Borisovich Feklistov, tel. +7 (921) 222-47-11
KROO "Federation of the Sailing Sport of Republic of Karelia"
Chairman Kukorenko Maxim tel. +7 (963) 740 33 18


Organizer, Race Master : Dmitry Bubnovikov, hereinafter the “Organizer”
Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+7 (921) 726-24-08


Referee brigade : the composition of the judging board will be announced later.


Conducting organizations:
In coordination with the Organizer, they participate in the presentation of the Event in all official institutions, have the right to freely participate in all official events held within the framework of the Event, placing their name and logo on all the venues of the Event.


Directs the organization and conduct the Event, interacting with the participants, the Referee brigade (the composition will be announced additionally), volunteers, official bodies, administrations, institutions, partners, the media. Issues this Statement, Racing Instruction, protocols. Organizer has the exclusive right to use the name of the Event, the logo, (according to the above sample).

Referee brigade carries out:
Preliminary control of the participants' compliance with the conditions for admission to the competition, namely, checking
- pre-registration,
- the presence and serviceability of the mandatory equipment,
- the existence of a life insurance and health insurance policy against accidents, Declarations of Participant.
- Control installation on the route all necessary signs, marks, according to the Race Manual.
Control and make written registration of the participants at the start and on the route, with immediate registration in the official protocol, on the official website, on the information board.
- Gives the necessary signals at the start, at the route and at the finish.
- Monitoring compliance of participants with this Statement, the Race Manual and other regulatory documents, with immediate written fixation of all violations in the Protocol.
- Monitoring the location of participants at the route, fixing the start, finish, passing checkpoints, time and place of the participants for compulsory rest, with immediate registration in the official protocol, on the official website, on the information board.
- Monitoring the operation of the tracking system, interaction with the participants and with the provider to ensure proper operation of the tracking system.
- Maintaining the Protocol of the competition, communication with the Check Points crews.
- Participation in the analysis of protests.
- The release of the Finishing Protocol no later than 09.00 March 09, 2019, 1 hour before the award ceremony.
- Full interaction with the Race Master, full informing of the Race Master, following his instructions, orders.

Competition format: 4-day autonomous race with three independent overnight stays in hiking conditions on the ice of Lake Onega for teams of two people transporting racing and hiking equipment on their own, in full autonomous mode along a distance of 300 kilometers planned. Acceptable methods of movement: using kites, on slip shells, ski tour, foot movement. Read more - in the Racing Instructions.

The route is established by the Race Master, with preliminary informing the participants at least 5 days before the start and final informing at the organizational meeting the day before the start.

Possible options for the route of the competition, at the discretion of the Race Master, depending on ice and other conditions:
- One long circuit route with a fixed distance.
- Linear race on the long route with a fixed distance.
Additional options:
- Circuit race with several laps of the same route with a common fixed distance.
- Circuit race with multiple passes of the same route with an offset of distance traveled.


Teams :
The race is held only as the competition for teams. The composition of each team - 2 people, one of which must be a Captain of the team. Overall standings for men's, women's and mixed teams.
If there are a sufficient number of women's and mixed teams, the organizers can declare an additional offset for this category of teams.
Competition rules are governed by this Statement, The Race Manual, The Rules of Sailing Racing (in the part where it can be logically applied to this format of competitions) and orders of the Race Master.

Requirements for competitors and conditions for their admission:

Athletes are allowed to participate in the competition subject :
- timely submitted applications for participation,
- the entry fee paid
- registered for participation in the competition
- read and agree with the conditions of the competition, this Statement, Race Manual, all other regulating documents published on the official website
Each competitor must follow the orders of the Race Master, the referees, the supervisors of the route. Instructions and the orders of the Race Master are always prioritized before other organizers.
- meet all the requirements to participants.


Participation in competitions is carried out at the risk and responsibility of the participants themselves.


For admission to the competition participants must:
- Do not have any medical contraindications for participation in these competitions (for the responsibility of the participants themselves).
- Have the experience of winter multi-day kite trips.
Athletes of 17 years are allowed to participate in the competition only:
- in a team with a participant 18 years and older,
- when passing the pre-registration, accompanied by one of the parents,
- with the written consent of both parents,
- having a medical permit.
- Each team must present its equipment to the representatives of the organizers for checking the completeness according to the list in Appendix No. 1 (also published on the website and controlling the weighting of the equipment. The organizers have the right not to allow the team to start in case of non-compliance of the equipment with the list and weight, without returning the entry fee.
The team is allowed to participate upon presentation by each participant the written form of checking equipment, with marks:
1). Check equipment.
2). The presence of insurance.
3). The presence of the declaration of the participant.
4). Payment of the entry fee.

Responsibility: All athletes, coaches, organizers, referees, volunteers, representatives take part in competitions at their own peril and risk. The race committee and organizing organizations do not assume responsibility for the life and property of the participants of the competition, as well as for possible personal injury or damage to the participant’s property at the competition, or in connection with the competition.
All participants of the competition, athletes, coaches, organizers, judges, volunteers, representatives must:
• comply with safety measures (including environmental) and rules of conduct on the ice and in the territory of the competition venue;
• comply with the requirements of persons performing official functions, including attendance at official ceremonies, communication with the sponsors of the competition;
• put on the form or equipment advertising materials that do not create inconvenience for movement, at the request of the organizers.
• comply with generally accepted rules and the laws of the Russian Federation.

Competition program:
(date - place - time - event)
03/04/2019 (Mon) - The Onego Palace Hotel *
10.00 - 14.00 Checking gear. Registration of teams, access to participation, receive the number tags.
16.00 – Race instructions meeting in English.
17.00 - Race instructions meeting in Russian.
The attendance of all participants at the meeting is required. In case of absence at the meeting, the Race Master has the right to prevent the team from participating without returning the entry fee.
18.00 Opening Ceremony. Joint dinner.
03/05/2019 (Tue) Embankment of Lake Onega, Petrozavodsk, at the Onego Palace Hotel
- 08.00 - Opening of the launch complex. Before going out on the ice, at the point indicated by the Race Master on the Race instructions meeting, each team in its entirety should be registered by the representative of the organizing committee and to be photographed by him.
- 10.00 - the start is open,
- 10.30 - the start is closed.
- 11.00 - Launch complex is closed.
In case the team did not start in the race, it must also register the exit from the race at the same registration point until 11.00. If this requirement is not met, the team will be disqualified from participating in Trans-Onego in the following years.
03/05/2019 (Tue) - 21.00 - stop the race for the night.
03/06/2019 (Wed) - 07.00 - continuation of the race
03/06/2019 (Wed) - 21.00 - stop the race for the night.
03/07/2019 (Thu) - 07.00 - continuation of the race
03/07/2019 (Thu) - 21.00 - stop of the race for the night
03/08/2019 (Fri) - 07.00 - continuation of the race
03/08/2019 (Fri) - 6:00 pm - closing the finish, Sailing window is closed, control time of the race, fixing the location and collecting the teams that did not finish at the points for delivery to the finish.
It is possible that it will be organized an informal entertainment race for teams that have finished earlier.
20.00 - Preliminary award, festive evening.
03/09/2019 (Sat) - The Onego Palace Hotel - 10.00 - award ceremony.
11.00 - 18.00 - cultural program.

* The Organizing Committee reserves the right to the following changes:
- Venues.
- Program (within the specified dates)
- Cancellation of competitions in case of non-compliance of the ice cover with safety requirements, without the right to make claims on the part of participants and other persons.
All changes will be communicated to the applicants, in due time, by a message to the email address indicated by them in their application.

Application for participation:
Registration is open on the site until February 25, 2019
With pre-registration and payment before January 15, 2019 entry fee
is: - 3500 rubles from each participant.
For participants who submitted applications or pay after January 15, 2019, the entry fee is: 4,000 rubles from each participant.
If the athlete refuses to participate in the competition, the entry fee is not refundable.
The entry fee is used to cover the costs of organizing the competition, the cultural program and transportation for non-finishing teams from the selection points at the direction of the Race Master.

Paid separately by the participants through the organizing committee:
- Additional transport - at the request of participants.

The procedure and method of payment of the entry fee will be additionally reported to the email address indicated by the participant in the application form.

Additional information The official site of Trans-Onego -

This Statement is an official invitation to the competition.

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