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TOKE-2021 - from 02.03 to 07.03 - Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lake Onego

Moon Rovers
Uvarov Russia  Alexander Uvarov (1973)
(Уваров Александр)

Кайтовый опыт с 2004 г. Соревнования и походы: "Оранжевое настроение - 2017", "Жигулевское море - 2017" (любительские гонки), ТОКЕ - 4 раза, "Кубок Волги - 2108", 1 этап

Malafeev Russia  Oleg Malafeev (1953)
(Малафеев Олег)

8 лет, ТОКЕ 2016, 2017

Ivanov Russia  Egor Ivanov (1989)
(Иванов Егор)

Фан-поход Оранжевое настроение 2016-2019, ТОКЕ 2017-2019

Smurov Russia  Dmitriy Smurov (1971)
(Смуров Дмитрий)

ТОКЕ 2013-2019, экспедиции по тундре

Väisänen Finland  Petri Viljam Väisänen (1960)
(Вайсанен Петри Вильям)

I have been windsurfing on ice and water since late 70's and it was natural to try a new way of sailing which allows you to go out also on those low wind days. I got hooked into kiting year 2007 and I've practised all modes of the sport including freeriding, expedition kiting and course racing. I did Vake with Janne Riihelä 2019 and took professional training two years before that in Varanger. In Finland I have participated Pallas Kiteweek three times and Lahti Kiteski course race two times

Atamanov Russia  Andrey Atamanov (1981)
(Атаманов Андрей)

7 раз ТОКЕ, 1 VAKE, разные автономные кайт путешествия

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