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ТОКЕ-2024 - с 2 марта по 7 марта - г. Петрозаводск, акватория Онежского озера

Happy Feet
(Делай ноги)
TOKE-2016 - 15
Участники за все года:
Walle Norway  Øystein Walle (1970)
(Валле Ойстайн)

I started kiting around year 2000. For many years we just kited on snow. Most of the time we used foilkites, as we came in to the sport from paragliding, and were familiar handling foil like profiles groundhandling the paraglider. I did some courses for beginners in Hemsedal where I live. The last years we have been kiting more on water as well. In 2013 I attended my first serious kite competition together with my teammate Brynjar at VAKE. We did not complete the course, but got back in 2014 when we where able to cross the goal line. In 2015 we started once again. Unfortunately Brynjar had an injury and we had to abandon the competition. In 2016 I attended TOKE together with Nils Nilsen. Our team name was Happy Feet, and we crossed the goal line with Happy Feets and as happy kiters around place number 15. I have also attended Redbull Ragnarock at the Hardangervidda Platou two times. we started again under the name “Arctic Breeze”, and ended on in 18. position. We also participated in 2015, but were forced to redraw from the race after my teammate Brynjar suffered from an injury. In April 2015 I also attended Red Bull Ragnarok on Hardangervidda. Ended up around 60. position out of 300 participants.

Nilsen Norway  Nils Nilsen (1973)
(Нильсен Нильс)

I started with Paragliding in 1996 and started SnowKiting in 2000. I live in Oslo but spend a lot of time in the Norwegian mountains during wintertime. Kiting and all kind of skiing (mostly off-piste). During summer, I do a lot of mountainbike, competition-sailing, windsurfing and water-kiteing. I have attended different events like Snowjam at Finse. My main places for kiting are Eldrevann, Harahorn, and other places nearby Hemsedal. I also use Hardangervidda, Kroksjoen, Imingfjell and Bergsjostolen. We use our kites to do daytrips, ski on local mountain-tops or going on smaller excursions often with sleds. I am accustomed with the use of GPS coordinates in competitions and navigation. My kiting experience is mainly with regular foilkites. I have about 50-70 days a year skiing during the winter season. Randonnee, alpine skiing, cross country and kite. I have lived for 3 years at Longyearbyen, Svalbard and have experience form outdoor activities like winter tent and snowcave in arctic conditions. I am educated in Meteorology which is a good help for kiting in winter conditions. I have been skiing, paragliding and kiting with Oystein for 15 years, so we know each other well. We look forward to team up and participate in TOKE 2016

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