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ТОКЕ-2024 - с 2 марта по 7 марта - г. Петрозаводск, акватория Онежского озера

Blown Away
TOKE-2016 - 22
Участники за все года:
Kristiansen Norway  Anette K. Kristiansen (1972)
(Кристиансен Анетт К. )

Anette work as Project Manager and hence is used to planning and Risk assessment. She was a participant in VAKE 2015 with team "Unnavei - slipp oss Fram". The team did not finish though. In 2011 Anette was part of a kite expedition to the South Pole, a six week long journey to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Amundsen discovering the Pole. Last year she and a friend crossed the Greenland inland ice unsupportet with kite from south to north. An expedition that took them 38 days, where she experienced tough conditions and succeeded.

Ianke Norway  Camilla Ianke (1981)
(Ианке Камилла)

Camilla has a versatile outdoor background. She holds sertificates as instructor in kayaking, climbing, glacier guide, avalanche rescue and other fields. Camilla has been employed in the military for 13 years were she mainly worked with sports and training in the Navy. She also conducted winter training in the Armed Forces. Camilla has crossed the inland ice and paddled kayaks on the west coast of Greenland. She has won the women's class in Amundsen Expedition, the world's toughest pulk race, tree times (2013/14/15). Camilla has kitingexperience from the Hardangervidda plateau during winter and Hawaii in summer

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