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ТОКЕ-2024 - с 2 марта по 7 марта - г. Петрозаводск, акватория Онежского озера

Riihelä Finland  Janne Riihelä (1974)
(Риихела Ян)

Kiting since 1999. Racing Enduro since 2013. 5x vake, 3x toke

Почему TOKE?

It is the magic of TOKE!! It has already become a myth! It has many flavours, and the flavours evolve and develop, like a good wine. It is organized by our soulbrother Dima!! And, it is a World Championship Race! We must be there!! All our friends go there, with bigger numbers than ever. Million thanks Dima for giving a good reason to live!

#fc3424 #5835a1 #1975f2 #83a92c #8bb832 #1c2def