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ТОКЕ-2021 - с 2 марта по 7 марта - г. Петрозаводск, акватория Онежского озера

Väisänen Finland  Petri Viljam Väisänen (1960)
(Вайсанен Петри Вильям)

I have been windsurfing on ice and water since late 70's and it was natural to try a new way of sailing which allows you to go out also on those low wind days. I got hooked into kiting year 2007 and I've practised all modes of the sport including freeriding, expedition kiting and course racing. I did Vake with Janne Riihelä 2019 and took professional training two years before that in Varanger. In Finland I have participated Pallas Kiteweek three times and Lahti Kiteski course race two times

Почему TOKE?

My friends have participated Toke several times and every time we meet they tell me how good the event is and that I should participate. It seems that expedition kiting unites us, brings friends together to enjoy competition sailing in the wilderness and to celebrate well being with friends.

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