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ТОКЕ-2024 - с 2 марта по 7 марта - г. Петрозаводск, акватория Онежского озера

Schröder Germany  Kai Schröder (1973)
(Шредер Кай )

Kiting since 2009, Racing since 2011 and taking part in speed contests. Snowkiting competitions; 2012: WWEO (3rd), 2013: WISSA (3rd in speed, 15th race) 2014: Red Bull Ragnarok (27th) 2015: Red Bull Ragnarok (17th) , Pallaksen Paras (1st)

Почему TOKE?

It is the magic of TOKE!! It has already become a myth! It has many flavours, and the flavours evolve and develop, like a good wine. It is organized by our soulbrother Dima!! And, it is a World Championship Race! We must be there!! All our friends go there, with bigger numbers than ever. MIllion thanks Dima for giving a good reason to live!

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