The video report on ice reconnaissance 26.02.2018
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TOKE-2019 - from 04.03 to 09.03 - Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lake Onego

The video report on ice reconnaissance 26.02.2018

TOKE-2018 route inspection 26.02.2019

The video report on ice reconnaissance 26.02.2018 for TOKE-2018. Part 1. From Petrozavodsk to the Ivanovski archipelago flat ice with a good dense snow cover. Right after the Ivanovski archipelago begin ice ridges The track shows the "gate" for the passage = the beginning of the road towards Kizhi. Further the ridges of intensive hummocking all the way, extend in different directions, but mostly in the meridional direction. The road is marked with milestones and small spruce-trees approximately every kilometer. In addition on the ridges of hummocks is designated the passage places. And sometimes from the side it may seem that the "Christmas tree" is right in the hummocks, but if you drive closer, you can see the winding passage. The ridges of hummocks are interspersed by fields of smooth ice. In the central part of the Gulf of Bolshoy Onego, snow is often swept away, there are large spots of bare ice (sharp your skis). The road has a direction to the southern tip of the island of Klimetsky, then, not reaching about 5 km to the cape, traces of transport go left, towards Garnitsky - the entrance to the Kizhi fjord. On this site the ice is smooth, with snow. There are small close-knit cracks. Throughout the described section the ice thickness is 25-35 cm.





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